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emmaruth: Emmaruth (Emmaruth)


My Secret Garden

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Created on 2018-06-17 05:44:55 (#3398799), last updated 2019-04-09 (1 week ago)

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I'm a Cancer with a Cancer Ascendant, venus, sun, mars, and mercury conjunct ascendant. My moon is in Libra. 7/7/72 at 3:14 AM Manhattan, NYC. And 7/7/00 at 5:45 AM in Manhattan, NYC. I'm Pinay/Caucasian. 10% Visayan, 4% Tagalog, 2% Chinese, 10% English (includes English settlers in South Africa, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand), 10% Irish, 4% French, 1% Polish, 2% Danish, 1% Icelandic, 1% Swedish, 1% Norwegian, 1% Russian, 10% German, 2% Austrian, 1% Greek, 8% Spaniard, 2% Turkish, 1% Native American Indian (Cherokee), 6% Portuguese, 2% Afrikaan, 1% Indian (India), 8% Italian, 2% Dutch, 5% Scottish and 5% Jewish. I'm 5'11", strawberry blonde/red hair, porcelain skin, buxom. I'm a natural blonde that turned red over the years. All of us have excellent vision, 20/20 and then some. And we all have natural, strong, straight teeth. Great Genetics :) My parents are only children, so we don't have first cousins. We have Second and Third Cousins etc. Both sets of grandparents are alive and each only had one child, my father and my mother.
My father Cesar is 40 years old and has dark brown hair and blue eyes, 6'3" (Aquarius). My father graduated from Columbia with a degree in Drama, Film, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He got his Masters in Construction Administration and MFA in Drama and Film from Columbia University. He got his Masters in piano, guitar, and voice at Julliard. He got his MBA and JD at Harvard and his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering and Architecture at MIT. We own CSMM Enterprises. Our father Cesar has his real estate license.
My mother Prima has brown hair and green eyes 5'10" and is 42 years old (Libra). My mother graduated from Columbia with a degree in Drama, Visual Arts, Sound Arts, Film, Classics, Art History, Psychology and Nursing. She has her MFA in Visual Arts, Sound Arts, Film and Drama at Columbia University. She got her Masters in piano, guitar, and voice at Julliard. She got her MFA in dance at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts. She is also a Master Dancer at Joffrey School of Ballet. She's a certified yoga instructor from the American Yoga Academy. She's a certified Master Reiki Instructor from the Reiki Institute of NYC. She's a Master Chef and Master Baker and Master Pastry Chef from the Culinary Institute of America. She got her Doctorate in Nursing, Clinical Psychology, Art History and Classical Studies at Columbia University. She also got her MBA and Law Degree at Columbia University. Her sorority is also Alpha Omicron Pi. She also has her real estate license.
My brother Kris is seventeen and has dark brown hair and blue eyes 6'3" (Virgo).
My brother Sean Ethan is sixteen and has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes 6'3" (Scorpio).
My brother Evan Brandon is 15 years old and has dark brown hair and blue eyes 6'3"(Virgo).
My brother Vincent Robert is 12 years old and also has dark brown hair and blue eyes, will be 6'3" (Taurus).
My brother Mark Nathaniel is 11 years old and has dark brown hair and blue eyes, will be 6'3" (Aries).
My brother Daniel Owen is 10 years old and has dark brown hair and green eyes, will be 6'4" (Capricorn).
My sister Leticia Anne is 13 years old and has brown hair and green eyes, 5'10" (Aries).
My sister Honor Rose is 9 years old and has brown hair and blue eyes, will be 5'10" (Capricorn).
My sister Geraldine Maria is 8 years old and has brown hair and green eyes, will be 5'10" (Gemini).
My sister Felicity Lily is 7 years old and has brown hair and blue eyes, will be 5'10" (Pisces).
My sister Carolyn Laura has brown hair and green eyes, will be 5'10" and is 6 years old (Leo).
My sister Sally Agatonia is turning 5 years old this year and has brown hair and green eyes, will be 5'10" (Sagittarius). I'm attending Columbia University, NYU, Parsons School of Design, Joffrey School of Ballet, and Julliard this year. I also attend Hogwarts School of Wizadry. The Concepcion-Serna-Mactavish-Lockhart Clan are Gryffindor/Ravenclaw (Gryffinclaw). I also attend Unseen University. I'm a multi-billionaire and an artist. I'm studying Yoga, Reiki, Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Aikido, Weng Chun, Jujutsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, and Kick-boxing. I'm also studying ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance, and latin dance styles. I'm also studying the piano, guitar, violin, flute, cello, and voice. I study archery, fencing, badmitton, golf, equestrian and tennis. I'm also studying mastery in the Culinary Arts. I have private tutors. I have my real estate license. I have a Pomchi named Mr. Oliver. "Do no harm but take no shit." I own the website where I celebrate Vintage and Vintage Filipiana heritage. I'm a Vintage Filipiana.

I also own two sites dedicated to two goddessses. One is Celtic - Aine of Knockaine ( and the other is Pinay - Maria Makiling (

I also own the site It's dedicated to art of all kinds, since I'm a gifted artist.

Favorite Music: Indie, Folk, Steampunk, Hipster, Trance and Dance, Pop, Country, Rock and Roll, Motown, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R & B, Latino, New Age, Classical
Favorite Films: All Genres especially Romantic Comedy, Drama, and Documentary
Favorite TV: Many Channels, but especially foreign channels, news channels, movie channels especially classic B & W Films, PBS, and sit-coms
Favorite Books: I've read so many books. I like all genres... from the classics to modern fantasy to non-fiction. I'm a bibliophile. Rarely met a book I didn't like.

Schools: St. Aloysius, Dalton Academy, Dominican Academy, Columbia University, NYU, Parsons School of Design, Julliard, Joffrey School of Ballet, American Academy of Yoga, Reiki Institute, Culinary Institute of America, Hogwarts School of Wizadry, Unseen University

My Sorority:

I'm the real Emmaruth.

There is just one Emmaruth and that's me.


My Pomchi...Mr. Oliver :)

pomchis are love

My favorite poem: Prayer Before Birth by Louis Macniece:

My H.S. Class Yearbook Dedication: Desiderata

Another favorite poem by a favorite Poet - Emily Dickinson:

One of my favorite paintings: Edgar Degas "Blue Dancers":

Another Favorite Painting by Audrey Kawasaki:

Another Favorite Painting by Mark Ryden

My Favorite Rolling Stones Song - "Wild Horses"

My Favorite Led Zeppelin Song- "Whole Lotta Love"

One of my favorite Beatles Songs - "Come Together"

Interests (250):

acting, africa, aine of knockaine, alpha omicron pi, american television programming, amigurumi, amusement parks, angels, anne rice, anthropologie, apple products, archery, architecture, art, art history, arts & crafts, asia, audrey kawasaki, award ceremonies, ballet & dance, ballroom dances, beatles, beautiful smiles, being a bibliophile and audiophile, biology, birkenstocks, boho, british television programming, bronte sisters, brooklyn nets, bugatti, burberry, carolyn laura, celtic mythology, cesar and prima, chakras & reiki, chanel, chemistry, chess, christian dior, civil engineering, classic hollywood, classical guitar, classical piano, columbia university, computer engineering, concepcion-serna-mactavish-lockhart-merrick clan, cooking & baking, csmlm enterprises, dalton school, daniel owen, disney, diy, documentaries, dominican academy high school, druids, early education, eastern europe, economics, edgar degas, education, electric guitar, elie saab, emily dickinson, emmaruth,, english literature, europe, evan brandon, family, family game night, fashion design, faux fur jackets, felicity lily, fencing & equestrian, fender & gibson guitars, fernando amorsolo, ferrari, filipino art, filipino television programming, finding cures, fine arts, fitness, free people, frida kahlo, gala events & premiere nights, game of thrones, gardening, genetics, geraldine maria, giorgio armani, gods & goddesses, golf, greenwich village, gryffindor, gucci, guggenheim, harley-davidson, harry potter, heraldry, hermes birkin bags, history, honor, honor rose, humility, hunger games, integrity, israel, itunes, j.crew, james bond movies, jane austen, jewelry, jimmy choo, joffrey school of ballet, journalling, julliard, kabbalah, knitting & crocheting, koenigsegg ccxr trevita, laduree macarons, lamborghinis, latin style dancing, laurell k. hamilton, law, learning new languages, leather biker jackets, led zeppelin, les paul guitars, leticia anne, libraries, lotr trilogy, louboutins, louis macniece, lush products, manicures & pedicures, manolo blahniks, maria makiling, mark nathaniel, martial arts, mathematics, mechanical engineering, medicine, meditation & mindfulness, metropolitan museum of art, middle east, mission impossible movies, modeling, modern dance, moma,, movies, museums, musicals, my 13 brothers and sisters, my bffs - brothers-sisters-parents, my brother kris, my english manor, my genius iq, mythology, nat shermans, natural museum of history, neil gaiman, netflix, new york, new york university tisch school, nursing, ny giants, ny knicks, ny mets, ny rangers, ny yankees, nyx makeup, occult, oil painting, olympic size pools, oracle cards, paragliding, parsons school of design, philippines, philosophy, photography, physics, plays & operas & symphonies, political science, pomchis, poodles, precious moments, private jets & helicopters, proper english, proud to be gryffinclaw, psychology, quilling & quilting, ravenclaw, redheads, rene caovilla, rock and roll, rock climbing, rockabilly, rolling stones, sally agatonia, salvador dali, samoyeds, saunas & steam baths, scandinavia, sean ethan, singing, sketching, skiing, smoothies, social media sites, south america, spirituality, st. aloysius, stampin' up, star wars saga, starbucks, steampunk, study abroad, t.s. eliot, tarot, teaching, teavana, technology, tennis, text messages, the gap, the kuhn bosendorfer grand piano, the tonight show, travel, u.s. history, united kingdom, united states of america, universe, valentino, victoria's secret, vikings, vincent robert, vintage beetles,, virginia woolf, water rafting, wicca, wine, world history, world religions, writing, wurlitzer pianos, yachts, yoga
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